Seasons Folder


Seasons is a folder made up of 12 works that form a unitary project in which I offer my humble and personal vision of the fascinating seasons of the year that can alter our mood, our work, our plans and our lives so much.

I was born in Almería (Spain), so from an early age I have had a lot of contact with the summer, the dominant season in my land. But it was in Germany (my adoptive country and my current place of residence) where I had my inspiring encounter with the rest of the seasons of the year, which began back in 2010 with my first encounter with actual winter, until then unbeknownst to me. It invaded me in such a way that I developed a whole work based on this cold and spiritual season. This admiration, respect and devotion for the seasons of the year, for nature, for the mysterious and wonderful balance of creation, is still present in me and in my current work, which has led me to build and compile with care each of the images shown in this folder, and to develop other projects also linked to the seasons, that are for me in the first and last instance, the most immediate and tangible testimony of the mystery of life on the physical plane.

This way, I join so many artists throughout the history of art who have paid homage to the vital and sacred seasons of the year.

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