Ruptura Series

2015 – 2019

The fracture acts as a hinge between the old and the new, what dies and what is reborn, between what breaks and what endures, what remains. It is a hinge between the known and the unknown, between the present and the present. It is the hinge that opens that old and mouldy door to a new stage in which “trial and error” is the maxim.

Through this photographic series, still in development, I enable that hinge to enter the disturbing orb and process of rupture, investigating the different layers, states, structures and sensations that it has produced and still produces. It is an investigation, a search in which I break with myself and even with the traditional photographic medium. It is at the same time, in its form, a break and approach between the digital and the mechanical, between the cold and the warm. It is the result of an investigation led by the need to face the work in a manual and direct way, breaking my relationship with photography as I had experienced it until now.

Fracture is the hinge of opportunity.

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