“De aquí y ahora” group exhibition at Galería Acanto

Group exhibition “De aquí y ahora” October 16 to November 28, 2020, in Galería Acanto, Almería, in Spain.

It shows a wide range of contemporary art by current artists from Almeria, to promote and support their creative work in times of pandemic.

Participating artists:

Paintings by:
Ginés Cervantes, Javier Huecas, María Moreno, Manu Muñoz, Safi and Sol Úbeda.

Drawings by:
Laura Ardila, Ahmed Benyoucef, Inocencio Navarro and Simone Spellucci.

Engravings by: Emilio Pérez.

Photographs by:
Antonio Jesús García, Rafa Manzano, Juanjo Plaza and Pablo Vara.

Photographs/object by: Estela García and Karlos Kaplan.

Photographic collages by: Francisco Martínez Romera and Francisco Uceda.

Sculptures by: José Antonio Jiménez Martínez (Safi),

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